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Cannes Festival 2008 (may 14, 2008)

the cannes film festival is a film festival held at the palais des festivals et des congrès in the city of cannes since 1946.

Edition number 61 of the event; awards assigned:

Best director

locandina del film uç maymun
  for the movie uç maymun
Assigned to
nuri bilge ceylan

Grand jury special prize

locandina del film gomorra
  for the movie gomorra

best actor

locandina del film the argentine
  for the movie the argentine
Assigned to
benicio deltoro

best actress

locandina del film linha de passe
  for the movie linha de passe
Assigned to
sandra corveloni

Special Award

locandina del film changeling
  for the movie changeling
Assigned to
clint eastwood
locandina del film a christmas tale
  for the movie a christmas tale
Assigned to
catherine deneuve