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Cannes Festival 2024 (may 14, 2024)

the cannes film festival is a film festival held at the palais des festivals et des congrès in the city of cannes since 1946.

Edition number 77 of the event; awards assigned:

Palma d'oro

poster del film Anora
  for the movie Anora

Prix de la mise en scène

poster del film Grand Tour
  for the movie Grand Tour
Assigned to
Miguel Gomes

Prix du scénario

poster del film The Substance
  for the movie The Substance
Assigned to
Coralie Fargeat

Caméra d'or

poster del film Armand
  for the movie Armand

Grand Prix tecnico

poster del film Parthenope
  for the movie Parthenope
Assigned to
Daria D'Antonio

Prix de la Citoyenneté

poster del film Bird
  for the movie Bird

Dog Palm

poster del film Dog on Trial
  for the movie Dog on Trial
Assigned to

Dog Palm - Menzione speciale

poster del film Black Dog
  for the movie Black Dog
Assigned to