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come un gatto in tangenziale (2017)

Original title: come un gatto in tangenziale
Production: Italy|98 min
Poster of movie come un gatto in tangenziale
giovanni, a committed intellectual and prophet of social integration, lives in the center of rome. monica, a former cashier, has to do with integration every day in the suburbs where she lives. they would never have met if their children had not decided to get engaged. they are the most diverse people on the face of the earth, but they have a common goal: the story of their children must end.

Festivals and awards


Riccardo MilaniRiccardo Milaniregista

Production and Screenplay

Riccardo MilaniRiccardo Milanisceneggiatore
Paola CortellesiPaola Cortellesisceneggiatore
Giulia Calendasceneggiatore
Furio AndreottiFurio Andreottisceneggiatore

Interpreters and Characters

Paola CortellesiPaola Cortellesi(età:44)
Antonio AlbaneseAntonio Albanese(età:53)
Sonia BergamascoSonia Bergamasco(età:51)
Luca AngelettiLuca Angeletti(età:43)
Antonio D'ausilioAntonio D'ausilio(età:45)
Claudio AmendolaClaudio Amendola(età:54)
Franca Leosini(età:83)
(sé stessa)

Technical staff

Patrizia Ceresanimontatore
Saverio Guarnadirettore della fotografia