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it chapter two (2019)

Original title: it chapter two
Production: USA|169 min
Thriller, Horror
Poster of movie it chapter two
twenty-seven years after their first encounter with the terrifying pennywise, the losers club have grown up and moved away, until a devastating phone call brings them back.
This movie is episode 2 of the series i.t. composed by:
1) i.t. (2017)
2) This movie (2019)

Origin of the subject


Production and Screenplay

roy leeproduttore
jason fuchsproduttore
jason fuchssceneggiatore
seth grahame-smithseth grahame-smithproduttore esecutivo
gary daubermansceneggiatore
barbara muschiettiproduttore

Characters and Interpreters

stanley "stan" uris
beverly "bev" marsh
edward "eddie" kaspbrak
james ransone(età:40)
richard "richie" tozier
Bill Hader(età:41)
william "bill" denbrough
james mcavoy(età:40)
it in forma di lebbroso
audra phillips
jess weixler(età:38)
pennywise / it
ben hanscom
stanley "stan" uris giovane
edward "eddie" kaspbrak giovane
richard "richie" tozier giovane
finn wolfhard(età:17)
beverly "bev" marsh giovane
mike hanlon giovane
ben hanscom giovane
adrian mellon
xavier dolanxavier dolan(età:30)
john "webby" garton
jake weary(età:29)
henry bowers giovane
william "bill" denbrough giovane
mike hanlon
jason fuchs(età:33)

Technical staff

nicholas brookseffetti speciali
nigel churcherscenografo
sarah craigtruccatore
sean sansomtruccatore
sondra treilhardparrucchiere
paul d. austerberryscenografo
luis sequeiracostumista
linda dowdstruccatore
jason ballantinemontatore
checco varesedirettore della fotografia
shane vieauarredatore
miyuki moritruccatore
kevin cartertruccatore
Tenille Shockeytruccatore
Rich Deliacasting