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Serie TV: Cagney and Lacey

1982 -1988


 Season Episodes
11982 [1982]6
21982-1983 [1982]22
31984 [1984]7
41984-1985 [1984]22
51985-1986 [1985]24
61986-1987 [1986]22
71987-1988 [1987]22
Tot. Episodes125


Alexander Singer [16 Episodes]
James FrawleyJames Frawley [12 Episodes]
Reza BadiyiReza Badiyi [11 Episodes]
Ray DantonRay Danton [10 Episodes]
Sharron Miller [10 Episodes]
Karen Arthur [8 Episodes]


Tyne DalyTyne Daly: (Det. Mary Beth Lacey)
[126 Episodes (s.:1-7)]
Al WaxmanAl Waxman: (Ten. Bert Samuels)
[126 Episodes (s.:1-7)]
Martin KoveMartin Kove: (Det. Victor Isbecki)
[125 Episodes (s.:1-7)]
John KarlenJohn Karlen: (Harvey Lacey)
[125 Episodes (s.:1-7)]
Sidney CluteSidney Clute: (Det. Paul Laguardia)
[124 Episodes (s.:1-7)]
Sharon GlessSharon Gless: (Det./serg. Christine Cagney)
[119 Episodes (s.:2-7)]
Carl LumblyCarl Lumbly: (Det. Mark Petrie)
[107 Episodes (s.:1-7)]
Harvey AtkinHarvey Atkin: (Serg. Ronald Coleman)
[99 Episodes (s.:1-7)]
Troy W. SlatenTroy W. Slaten: (Michael Lacey)
[74 Episodes (s.:1-7)]
Tony La TorreTony La Torre
[71 Episodes (s.:1-7)]
Paul ManteePaul Mantee: (Det. Al Corassa)
[55 Episodes (s.:2-7)]
Robert HegyesRobert Hegyes: (Det. Manny Esposito)
[41 Episodes (s.:6-7)]
Jo Corday
[35 Episodes (s.:4-7)]
Beverley Faverty
[30 Episodes (s.:5-7)]
Dick O'neillDick O'neill: (Charlie Cagney)
[26 Episodes (s.:1-6)]
Barry Laws
[26 Episodes (s.:6-7)]