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Movies scheduled today 21 august in Italian cinemas

today the most featured films are: the lion king (in 988 cinemas), fast and furious presents: hobbs and shaw (in 502 cinemas), crawl (in 378 cinemas).

locandina del film the lion king
the lion king
in 988 cinemas
dal 21 agosto 2019
After the murder of his father, a young lion prince flees his kingdom only to learn the true meaning of responsibility and bravery.
locandina del film fast and furious presents: hobbs and shaw
fast and furious presents: hobbs and shaw
in 502 cinemas
dal 8 agosto 2019
Lawman Luke Hobbs and outcast Deckard Shaw form an unlikely alliance when a cyber-genetically enhanced villain threatens the future of humanity.
locandina del film crawl
in 378 cinemas
dal 15 agosto 2019
A young woman, while attempting to save her father during a category 5 hurricane, finds herself trapped in a flooding house and must fight for her life against alligators.
locandina del film the nest
the nest
in 249 cinemas
dal 15 agosto 2019
locandina del film men in black: international
men in black: international
in 228 cinemas
dal 25 luglio 2019
The Men in Black have always protected the Earth from the scum of the universe. In this new adventure, they tackle their biggest threat to date: a mole in the Men in Black organization.
locandina del film spider-man: far from home
spider-man: far from home
in 207 cinemas
dal 10 luglio 2019
Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man must step up to take on new threats in a world that has changed forever.
locandina del film toy story 4
toy story 4
in 112 cinemas
dal 26 giugno 2019
When a new toy called "Forky" joins Woody and the gang, a road trip alongside old and new friends reveals how big the world can be for a toy.
locandina del film the quake
the quake
in 62 cinemas
dal 8 agosto 2019
In 1904 an earthquake of magnitude 5.4 on the Richter scale shook Oslo, with an epicenter in the "Oslo Graben" which runs under the Norwegian capital. There are now signs that indicate that we can expect a major future earthquake in Oslo.
locandina del film serenity
in 56 cinemas
dal 18 luglio 2019
A fishing boat captain juggles facing his mysterious past and finding himself ensnared in a reality where nothing is what it seems.
locandina del film isabelle
in 54 cinemas
dal 1 agosto 2019
locandina del film cats
in 49 cinemas
dal 18 luglio 2019
locandina del film diamantino
in 38 cinemas
dal 15 agosto 2019
locandina del film hotel artemis
hotel artemis
in 30 cinemas
dal 1 agosto 2019
Set in riot-torn, near-future Los Angeles, 'Hotel Artemis' follows the Nurse, who runs a secret, members-only emergency room for criminals.
locandina del film the secret life of pets 2
the secret life of pets 2
in 26 cinemas
dal 6 giugno 2019
Continuing the story of Max and his pet friends, following their secret lives after their owners leave them for work or school each day.
locandina del film the professor
the professor
in 19 cinemas
dal 20 giugno 2019
A college professor lives his life with reckless abandon after being diagnosed with a terminal illness.
locandina del film i.t.
in 19 cinemas
dal 19 ottobre 2017
In the summer of 1989, a group of bullied kids band together to destroy a shape-shifting monster, which disguises itself as a clown and preys on the children of Derry, their small Maine town.
locandina del film the current war
the current war
in 17 cinemas
dal 18 luglio 2019
The dramatic story of the cutthroat race between electricity titans Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse to determine whose electrical system would power the modern world.
locandina del film dolcissime
in 17 cinemas
dal 1 agosto 2019
locandina del film aladdin
in 13 cinemas
dal 22 maggio 2019
A kindhearted street urchin and a power-hungry Grand Vizier vie for a magic lamp that has the power to make their deepest wishes come true.
locandina del film annabelle comes home
annabelle comes home
in 11 cinemas
dal 3 luglio 2019
While babysitting the daughter of Ed and Lorraine Warren, a teenager and her friend unknowingly awaken an evil spirit trapped in a doll.
locandina del film closeness
in 11 cinemas
dal 18 luglio 2019
In the late-1990s squalid town of Nalchik, a poor young Jewish couple is kidnapped and a grievous ransom is demanded, as bitter resentments and cruel dilemmas come to light, magnifying the small community's grave predicament.
locandina del film the traitor
the traitor
in 11 cinemas
dal 23 maggio 2019
The real life of Tommaso Buscetta the so called "boss of the two worlds", first mafia informant in Sicily 1980's.
locandina del film powidoki
in 9 cinemas
dal 11 luglio 2019
The story of charismatic painter Wladyslaw Strzeminski, who opposed social realism and maintained his own artistic freedom in spite of political obstacles.
locandina del film midsommar
in 8 cinemas
dal 25 luglio 2019
A couple travels to Sweden to visit a rural hometown's fabled mid-summer festival. What begins as an idyllic retreat quickly devolves into an increasingly violent and bizarre competition at the hands of a pagan cult.
locandina del film dolor y gloria
dolor y gloria
in 7 cinemas
dal 17 maggio 2019
A film director reflects on the choices he's made in life as past and present come crashing down around him.
locandina del film nureyev - the white crow
nureyev - the white crow
in 7 cinemas
dal 27 giugno 2019
Biography of the dancer Rudolf Nureyev.
locandina del film les deux amis
les deux amis
in 6 cinemas
dal 4 luglio 2019
Two best friends have their relationship tested when Abel tries to help his friend Clement with the latter's love interest Mona.
locandina del film bohemian rhapsody
bohemian rhapsody
in 5 cinemas
dal 29 novembre 2018
The story of the legendary rock band Queen and lead singer Freddie Mercury, leading up to their famous performance at Live Aid (1985).
locandina del film tel aviv on fire
tel aviv on fire
in 4 cinemas
dal 9 maggio 2019
Salam, an inexperienced young Palestinian man, becomes a writer on a popular soap opera after a chance meeting with an Israeli soldier. His creative career is on the rise - until the soldier and the show's financial backers disagree about how the show should end, and Salam is caught in the middle.
locandina del film goldstone
in 4 cinemas
locandina del film rocketman
in 3 cinemas
dal 29 maggio 2019
A musical fantasy about the fantastical human story of Elton John's breakthrough years.
locandina del film il grande salto
il grande salto
in 2 cinemas
dal 13 giugno 2019
Two forty-year-olds decide to turn their lives around with a robbery.
locandina del film the dead don't die
the dead don't die
in 2 cinemas
dal 13 giugno 2019
The peaceful town of Centerville finds itself battling a zombie horde as the dead start rising from their graves.
locandina del film l'homme fidèle
l'homme fidèle
in 2 cinemas
dal 11 aprile 2019
A couple's relationship becomes complicated when she leaves him for his best friend, and returns after he dies.
locandina del film l'heure de la sortie
l'heure de la sortie
in 2 cinemas
dal 4 luglio 2019
locandina del film bangla
in 2 cinemas
dal 16 maggio 2019
It's about an Italian young man, whose parents are from Bangladesh. He lives with his mom, dad and sister in a house in Rome. He works in a museum, and in his free time, performs with his band at small events. He is still trying to figure out life, but one day an Italian girl appears in his life.
locandina del film green book
green book
in 2 cinemas
dal 31 gennaio 2019
A working-class Italian-American bouncer becomes the driver of an African-American classical pianist on a tour of venues through the 1960s American South.
locandina del film charlie says
charlie says
in 2 cinemas
dal 22 agosto 2019
The tragic tale of an all-American girl who was transformed into a cold-blooded killer in the summer of 1969.
locandina del film les invisibles
les invisibles
in 2 cinemas
dal 18 aprile 2019
Following a municipal decision, Envol, SDF Women's Shelter, will close. There are only three months left for social workers to reintegrate at any cost the women they care for: falsification, pistons, lies... From now on, everything is allowed!
locandina del film book club
book club
in 2 cinemas
dal 4 aprile 2019
Four lifelong friends have their lives forever changed after reading 50 Shades of Grey in their monthly book club.
locandina del film a star is born
a star is born
in 2 cinemas
dal 11 ottobre 2018
A musician helps a young singer find fame as age and alcoholism send his own career into a downward spiral.
locandina del film il primo re
il primo re
in 2 cinemas
dal 31 gennaio 2019
Romulus and Remus, two shepherds and loyal brothers, end up taking part to a journey that will lead one of them to be the founder of the greatest nation ever seen. However, the fate of the chosen one will pass from killing his own brother.
locandina del film edmond
in 2 cinemas
dal 18 aprile 2019
December 1897, Paris. Edmond Rostand is not yet thirty but already two children and a lot of anxieties. He has not written anything for two years. In desperation, he offers the great Constant Coquelin a new play, a heroic comedy, in verse, for the holidays. Only concern: it is not written yet. Ignoring the whims of actresses, the demands of his Corsican producers, the jealousy of his wife, the stories of his best friend's heart and the lack of enthusiasm of all those around him, Edmond starts writing this piece which nobody believes. For now, he has only the title: "Cyrano de Bergerac".
locandina del film fighting with my family
fighting with my family
in 2 cinemas
dal 1 agosto 2019
A former wrestler and his family make a living performing at small venues around the country while his kids dream of joining World Wrestling Entertainment.
locandina del film the death and life of john f. donovan
the death and life of john f. donovan
in 2 cinemas
dal 27 giugno 2019
A decade after the death of an American TV star, a young actor reminisces the written correspondence he shared with him, as well as the impact those letters had on both their lives.
locandina del film the deep
the deep
in 2 cinemas
dal 25 luglio 2019
Based on actual events, a fisherman tries to survive in the freezing ocean after his boat capsizes off the south coast of Iceland.
locandina del film the children act
the children act
in 2 cinemas
dal 18 ottobre 2018
As her marriage crumbles, a judge must decide a case involving a teenage boy who is refusing a blood transfusion on religious principle.
locandina del film rbg
in 1 cinemas
, who has developed a breathtaking legal legacy while becoming an unexpected pop culture icon.
locandina del film il mangiatore di pietre
il mangiatore di pietre
in 1 cinemas
dal 18 luglio 2019
locandina del film secret ingredient
secret ingredient
in 1 cinemas
dal 21 febbraio 2019
An underpaid train mechanic gives his father a cake made of stolen marijuana to relieve his cancer pain, but he is cornered by the criminals who are searching for their drugs and the nosy neighbors who want a recipe for the "healing" cake.
locandina del film bring the soul: the movie
bring the soul: the movie
in 1 cinemas
dal 7 agosto 2019
set out on a world tour.
locandina del film croc-blanc
in 1 cinemas
dal 11 ottobre 2018
Based on the timeless novel by Jack London. A loyal wolfdog's curiosity leads him on the adventure of a lifetime while serving a series of three distinctly different masters.
locandina del film sir
in 1 cinemas
dal 20 giugno 2019
A prosperous young Indian man falls in love with his servant, a widow with the dream of becoming a tailor.
locandina del film zimna wojna
zimna wojna
in 1 cinemas
dal 20 dicembre 2018
In the 1950s, a music director falls in love with a singer and tries to persuade her to flee communist Poland for France.
locandina del film dafne
in 1 cinemas
dal 21 marzo 2019
Dafne is a self-aware and bright young woman with Down syndrome. When her mother dies, she has to attend to her father too, on top of attempting to process her own grief.
locandina del film avengers: endgame
avengers: endgame
in 1 cinemas
dal 24 aprile 2019
After the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War, the universe is in ruins. With the help of remaining allies, the Avengers assemble once more in order to undo Thanos' actions and restore order to the universe.
locandina del film domani è un altro giorno
domani è un altro giorno
in 1 cinemas
dal 28 febbraio 2019
Giuliano and Tommaso have been friends for over thirty years and now the four most difficult days of their friendship await them.
locandina del film jules and jim
jules and jim
in 1 cinemas
dal 1 settembre 1962
Paris, 1912. A profound friendship links the Frenchman Jim and the German Jules. In love with Catherine, Jules married her and moved with her to Austria. At the end of the First World War, which saw them all fighting for their country, Jules invited Jim to visit them and his friend, to whom Catherine confessed that she no longer loved her husband, revealed to the woman her love for her. In order not to lose his wife Jules accepts their relationship and the menage a trois continues for a long time between goodbyes, correspondence, expectations and new meetings that will lead to the tragic epilogue.
locandina del film vice
in 1 cinemas
dal 3 gennaio 2019
, reshaping the country and the globe in ways that we still feel today.
locandina del film un figlio a tutti i costi
un figlio a tutti i costi
in 1 cinemas
dal 1 marzo 2018
locandina del film peterloo
in 1 cinemas
dal 21 marzo 2019
The story of the 1819 Peterloo Massacre where British forces attacked a peaceful pro-democracy rally in Manchester.
locandina del film moschettieri del re - la penultima missione
moschettieri del re - la penultima missione
in 1 cinemas
dal 27 dicembre 2018
The band of musketeers; D'Artagnan, Porthos, Aramis and Athos, portrayed in a purely self-ironic and disenchanted key, in a series of adventures in order to save King Louis XIV.
locandina del film captain marvel
captain marvel
in 1 cinemas
dal 6 marzo 2019
Carol Danvers becomes one of the universe's most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.
locandina del film can you ever forgive me?
can you ever forgive me?
in 1 cinemas
dal 21 febbraio 2019
When Lee Israel falls out of step with current tastes, she turns her art form to deception.
locandina del film the mule
the mule
in 1 cinemas
dal 7 febbraio 2019
A 90-year-old horticulturist and Korean War veteran turns drug mule for a Mexican cartel.
locandina del film dilili à paris
dilili à paris
in 1 cinemas
dal 24 aprile 2019
In Belle Époque Paris, accompanied by a young scooter deliveryman, little Kanak Dilili investigates mysterious kidnappings of girls. She meets extraordinary men and women who give her clues. She discovered underground very particular villains, male masters. The two friends will fight with enthusiasm for an active life in the light and living together.
locandina del film three faces
three faces
in 1 cinemas
dal 29 novembre 2018
Three actresses at different stages of their career. One from before the 1979 Islamic Revolution, one popular star of today known throughout the country and a young girl longing to attend a drama conservatory.
locandina del film woman at war
woman at war
in 1 cinemas
dal 13 dicembre 2018
Halla fights against a local industry that is compromising the lives of the inhabitants. But the arrival of an orphan child questions his battle.
locandina del film premières vacances
premières vacances
in 1 cinemas
dal 20 giugno 2019
Marion and Ben, thirty, meet in Tinder. They have nothing in common; but opposites attract and decide to go on vacation together. They will finally leave - in Bulgaria, halfway to their dream destinations: Beirut for Marion, Biarritz for Ben. Without a precise plan and, as they will soon discover, with very different conceptions of what a dream vacation should be.
locandina del film dark phoenix
dark phoenix
in 1 cinemas
dal 6 giugno 2019
Jean Grey begins to develop incredible powers that corrupt and turn her into a Dark Phoenix. Now the X-Men will have to decide if the life of a team member is worth more than all the people living in the world.
locandina del film un giorno all'improvviso
un giorno all'improvviso
in 1 cinemas
dal 29 novembre 2018
Antonio dreams of becoming a football star. Miriam, his mother, dreams of rebuilding her family following the abandonment of her husband. When a football scout turns their eye to Antonio, the family dynamic changes.
locandina del film godzilla: king of the monsters
godzilla: king of the monsters
in 1 cinemas
dal 30 maggio 2019
The crypto-zoological agency Monarch faces off against a battery of god-sized monsters, including the mighty Godzilla, who collides with Mothra, Rodan, and his ultimate nemesis, the three-headed King Ghidorah.
locandina del film l'agenzia dei bugiardi
l'agenzia dei bugiardi
in 1 cinemas
dal 17 gennaio 2019
Fred, Diego and Paolo are members of a diabolic and brilliant agency which provides alibis to their clients. Fred falls in love with Clio, defender of truth and honesty, and can't tell her what job he does. Situation gets worser when Fred discovers that Clio's father is a client of the agency, who called him to hide to his wife the affair with his young lover.
locandina del film the secret life of pets
the secret life of pets
in 1 cinemas
dal 6 ottobre 2016
The quiet life of a terrier named Max is upended when his owner takes in Duke, a stray whom Max instantly dislikes.
locandina del film transit
in 1 cinemas
dal 25 ottobre 2018
A man attempting to escape Nazi-occupied France falls in love with the wife of a dead author whose identity he has assumed.
locandina del film flesh out
flesh out
in 1 cinemas
dal 4 maggio 2019
A woman living in Mauritania is ordered to eat excessively so that she becomes more desirable and finds a husband.
locandina del film john wick: chapter 3 - parabellum
john wick: chapter 3 - parabellum
in 1 cinemas
dal 16 maggio 2019
Super-assassin John Wick is on the run after killing a member of the international assassin's guild, and with a $14 million price tag on his head - he is the target of hit men and women everywhere.
locandina del film c'è tempo
c'è tempo
in 1 cinemas
dal 7 marzo 2019
Stefano, observer of rainbows, suddenly discovers he has an acquired minor brother and must leave his Piedmont to join him in Rome. Although reluctant to the idea of ??becoming the boy's guardian, Stefano accepts it, especially enticed by the prospect of receiving a substantial sum of money in return: on the return journey, however, the two understand how the feeling that links them is much deeper.
locandina del film memoir of war
memoir of war
in 1 cinemas
dal 17 gennaio 2019
Marguerite must navigate through the hardships of the Liberation after losing her husband and starting a relationship with the enemy during the War.
locandina del film the wife
the wife
in 1 cinemas
dal 4 ottobre 2018
A wife questions her life choices as she travels to Stockholm with her husband, where he is slated to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature.
locandina del film solo cose belle
solo cose belle
in 1 cinemas
dal 9 maggio 2019
The story of Benedetta, a popular sixteen-year-old girl, daughter of the mayor, and her encounter with a bizarre family home, just arrived in her small town in the Rimini hinterland.
locandina del film yao
in 1 cinemas
dal 4 aprile 2019
From his village in northern Senegal, Yao is a 13-year-old boy ready to do anything to meet his hero: Seydou Tall, a famous French actor. Invited to Dakar to promote his new book, the latter goes to his country of origin for the first time. To fulfill his dream, the young Yao organizes his fugue and brave 387 kilometers alone to the capital. Touched by this child, the actor decides to flee his obligations and to accompany him home. But on the dusty and uncertain roads of Senegal, Seydou understands that while rolling towards the village of the child, it also rolls towards its roots.