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A Rainy Day in New York (2019)

Original title: a rainy day in new york
Production: USA|92 min
Comedy, Romantic
Poster of movie A Rainy Day in New York
a young couple arrive in new york for a weekend where they are met with bad weather and a series of adventures and misadventures.


woody allenwoody allenregista

Production and Screenplay

woody allenwoody allensceneggiatore
woody allenwoody allenscrittore
letty aronsonproduttore
helen robinproduttore
Erika Aronsonproduttore

Characters and Interpreters

selena gomez(età:27)
gatsby welles
ashleigh enright
elle fanningelle fanning(età:21)
ted davidoff
jude lawjude law(età:46)
francisco vega
diego luna(età:40)
roland pollard
will rogerswill rogers(età:140)
cherry jonescherry jones(età:63)
Rebecca Hall(età:37)

Technical staff

vittorio storarodirettore della fotografia
suzy benzingercostumista
santo loquastoscenografo
alisa lepseltermontatore
kimberly amackertruccatore
stacey panepintotruccatore
nicole wodowskitruccatore
Roy Savoyeffetti speciali

Voices and Dubbing

Version Italia(2019)