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A Hijacking (2012)

Original title: kapringen
Production: UK|103 min
Dramatic, Thriller
Poster of movie A Hijacking
the crew of a danish cargo ship is hijacked by somali pirates who proceed to engage in escalating negotiations with authorities in copenhagen.

Festivals and awards


Tobias LindholmTobias Lindholmregista

Production and Screenplay

Tobias LindholmTobias Lindholmsceneggiatore
henrik zeinproduttore esecutivo
rene ezraproduttore
lena haugaardproduttore esecutivo
tomas radoorproduttore

Interpreters and Characters

Linda LaursenLinda Laursen(età:59)
Pilou AsbækPilou Asbæk(età:30)
Dar SalimDar Salim(età:29)

Technical staff

Adam Nielsenmontatore
Thomas Grevescenografo
louise haubergtruccatore