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Love Affair(s) (2020)

Original title: les choses qu'on dit, les choses qu'on fait
Production: France|122 min
Dramatic, Romantic
Poster of movie Love Affair(s)
waiting for her boyfriend to join her on a country vacation, three months pregnant daphne bonds with his cousin maxime, and their shared intimacy brings them closer together into a full fledged love affair.

Festivals and awards


Emmanuel Mouretregista

Production and Screenplay

Emmanuel Mouretsceneggiatore

Interpreters and Characters

Technical staff

Laurent Desmetdirettore della fotografia
Martial Salomonmontatore
David Faivrescenografo
Alice Roberttruccatore
anne bochonparrucchiere
Maxime Gavaudantecnico del suono
François Méreutecnico del suono
Hélène Davoudiancostumista