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Roubaix, une lumière (2019)

Original title: roubaix, une lumière
Production: France|119 min
Dramatic, Crime
Poster of movie Roubaix, une lumière
a police chief in northern france tries to solve a case where an old woman was brutally murdered.
The same story is the basis of the movies:
2) This movie (2019)

Festivals and awards


Production and Screenplay

arnaud desplechinarnaud desplechinsceneggiatore
pascal caucheteuxproduttore
Léa Mysiussceneggiatore

Characters and Interpreters

roschdy zem(età:54)
léa seydouxléa seydoux(età:34)
david henrie(età:30)

Technical staff

nathalie raoulcostumista
irina lubtchanskydirettore della fotografia
laurence briaudmontatore
Toma Baqueniscenografo