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The Father (2020)

Original title: the father
Production: France, UK|97 min
Poster of movie The Father
a man refuses all assistance from his daughter as he ages. as he tries to make sense of his changing circumstances, he begins to doubt his loved ones, his own mind and even the fabric of his reality.

Festivals and awards

Origin of the subject

dall'opera teatrale: Le Père (2012, Florian Zeller)


Florian ZellerFlorian Zellerregista

Production and Screenplay

Christopher HamptonChristopher Hamptonsceneggiatore
Jean Louis Liviproduttore
David Parfittproduttore
Lauren Darkproduttore esecutivo
Florian ZellerFlorian Zellersceneggiatore
zygi kamasaproduttore esecutivo
tim haslamproduttore esecutivo
daniel battsekproduttore esecutivo
hugo grumbarproduttore esecutivo
alice dawsonproduttore

Interpreters and Characters

Olivia ColmanOlivia Colman(età:46)
Anthony HopkinsAnthony Hopkins(età:83)
Mark GatissMark Gatiss(età:54)
Olivia WilliamsOlivia Williams(età:52)
Poots Imogen(età:31)
Rufus SewellRufus Sewell(età:53)

Technical staff

Astrid Siebenscenografo
Ben Smitharddirettore della fotografia
Tahira Heroldtruccatore
Yorgos LamprinosYorgos Lamprinosmontatore
Nadia Staceytruccatore
Nadia Staceyparrucchiere
Anna Robbinscostumista
peter francisscenografo
Cathy Featherstonearredatore