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Lightyear (2022)

Original title: lightyear
100 min
Action, Science fiction, Animation, Dramatic
Poster of movie Lightyear
This movie is episode 5 of the series toy story composed by:
1) toy story (1995)
2) toy story 2 (1999)
3) toy story 3 (2010)
4) Toy Story 4 (2019)
5) This movie (2022)


Angus MacLaneregista

Production and Screenplay

Andrew StantonAndrew Stantonproduttore esecutivo
Pete Docterproduttore esecutivo
Matthew Aldrichscrittore
Angus MacLanescrittore

Interpreters and Characters

Buzz Lightyear
imperatore zurg
izzy hawthorne
comandante burnside
mo morrison
alisha hawthorne
aviatore diaz
darby steel
deric & zyclops
izzy hawthorne (bambina)
controllo missione

Technical staff

Kevin Rehercasting
Jeremy Laskydirettore della fotografia
Natalie Lyoncasting
Ian Megibbendirettore della fotografia
Bill Zahnscenografo

Voices and Dubbing

Version Italia(2022)

Massimiliano AltoMassimiliano Alto Voice of mo morrison
Rossa CaputoRossa Caputo Voice of izzy hawthorne
Ludovico TersigniLudovico Tersigni Voice of [1]
Graziella PolesinantiGraziella Polesinanti Voice of darby steel
Massimo BitossiMassimo Bitossi Voice of comandante burnside
Massimo DapportoMassimo Dapporto Voice of imperatore zurg
Fabrizio ManfrediFabrizio Manfredi Voice of [1]
Esther Elisha Voice of [1]
Alberto Malanchino Voice of [1]

Version Originale(2022)

Timothy Peake Voice of controllo missione
Dale SoulesDale Soules Voice of darby steel
Isiah Whitlock jr.Isiah Whitlock jr. Voice of comandante burnside
James BrolinJames Brolin Voice of imperatore zurg
Bill HaderBill Hader Voice of featheringhamstan
Efren Ramirez Voice of aviatore diaz
Uzo AdubaUzo Aduba Voice of alisha hawthorne
Chris EvansChris Evans Voice of Buzz Lightyear
Keira Hairston Voice of izzy hawthorne (bambina)
Taika WaititiTaika Waititi Voice of mo morrison
Keke PalmerKeke Palmer Voice of izzy hawthorne
Peter Sohn Voice of sox