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winnie the pooh (2011)

Original title: winnie the pooh
Production: USA
Comedy, Animation, Fantasy
Poster of movie winnie the pooh
while searching for honey, pooh and his friends embark on an adventure to find eeyore's missing tail and rescue christopher robin from an unknown monster called, the backson.
This movie is episode 51 of the series classici disney composed by:
2) Pinocchio (1940)
3) fantasia (1940)
4) Dumbo (1941)
5) bambi (1942)
6) saludos amigos (1942)
8) Make Mine Music (1946)
10) Melody Time (1948)
12) cinderella (1950)
14) peter pan (1953)
15) Lady and the Tramp (1955)
16) sleeping beauty (1959)
19) the jungle book (1967)
20) the aristocats (1970)
21) Robin Hood (1973)
23) the rescuers (1977)
25) the black cauldron (1985)
27) oliver and company (1988)
28) the little mermaid (1989)
31) aladdin (1992)
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50) tangled (2010)
51) This movie (2011)
52) wreck-it ralph (2012)
53) frozen (2013)
54) big hero 6 (2014)
55) Zootopia (2016)
56) Moana (2016)


Don Hallregista

Production and Screenplay

John LasseterJohn Lasseterproduttore esecutivo
Burny MattinsonBurny Mattinsonsceneggiatore
Don Hallscrittore
Clark Spencerproduttore
Peter Del vechoproduttore
Don Doughertyscrittore
Brian Kesingerscrittore
Craig Sostproduttore

Interpreters and Characters

Winnie the Pooh
christopher robin
winnie the pooh, tigro
additional voices
ninka ninus
hr. straks

Technical staff

Julio Macatdirettore della fotografia
Henry Jackmanmusiche
Cheryl Carasikarredatore
Paul A. felixscenografo
Robert Lopezmusiche
Lisa Lindermontatore

Voices and Dubbing

Version Italia(2011)

Luca Dal FabbroLuca Dal Fabbro Voice of pimpi
Arturo ValliArturo Valli Voice of christopher robin
Massimo CorvoMassimo Corvo Voice of Uffa
Marco Bresciani Voice of Winnie the Pooh
Marco MeteMarco Mete Voice of appresto
Aurora CancianAurora Cancian Voice of kanga
Paolo BuglioniPaolo Buglioni Voice of ih-oh
Luca BiaginiLuca Biagini Voice of tigro
Tito MartedduTito Marteddu Voice of Roo
Michele KalameraMichele Kalamera Voice of narratore
ManValerio Ruggeri Voice of tappo

Version Originale(2011)

Kristen Anderson-lopezKristen Anderson-lopez Voice of kanga
Bud LuckeyBud Luckey Voice of ih-oh
Jim CummingsJim Cummings Voice of winnie the pooh, tigro
Wyatt Hall Voice of Roo
John CleeseJohn Cleese Voice of narratore
Tom KennyTom Kenny Voice of tappo
Travis Oates Voice of pimpi
Jack Boulter Voice of christopher robin
Craig Ferguson Voice of Uffa
Huell Howser Voice of appresto